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12-year-old boy locked in dirty, dark bathroom for a year, police say

For our Language class we had to find an abuse report and summarize it. This is my summary.


A 12 year old boy, from Salt Lake Utha, was locked inside a bathroom by his mother for almost ayear.  This bathroom was in very poor conditions. It was really filthy and the mother had taped the light for the kid not to turn them on. In addition to that, there were feaces and cans of beans all over the floor.

When the kid was found by his father he was in a very bad condition. He was starving and malnourish. He weighted 30 pounds only. The door was locked from the outside for the kid not to go out.

They took him to the hospital and the doctor that saw him said that he had never seen a case of malnutrition worst than him in all his career.  Moreover this woman had two more kids which were held by child protection services. This woman was charged with felony child abuse.

My Opinion

I found this report incredible.  At first i thought of how can a person could be so cruel to let their kid starve almost to death, and even if he was her son.


Malnourishedpoorly or improperly nourished; suffering from malnutrition

Bailproperty or money given as surety that a person released from custodywill return at an appointed time

Feceswaste matter

Felony: an offense, as murder or burglary, of graver character than those called misdemeanors, especially those commonly punished in the U.S. by imprisonment for more than a year.




Today instead of having our normal classes some exchange students from America came to our school. They were from San Diego, California. We discussed our cultural differences and our similarities.

Even though we were from different sides of the continent we shared a lot of aspects, they entered school the same time as us, and when they got out they spend time with their friends and enjoyed their favorite sports. They also like some of the same music, series, movies and candy!

What we found different about our culture and their culture was that first, they could start driving at age 15 and a half, with the permission of the school. They also had different schedules, they only had 3 meals, and they ate lunch at 11:00 and dinner at 7:00. They also have proms( graduation parties) and their parties start at 8 and ended at 12.

The value of this activity was that we were able to learn more about their culture , and they got to know about our culture. And we were able to know each other a little bit better.

Booktube: Pride and Prejudice

For our writing and oral class, our teacher Dani told us to choose a book to read throughout the term and then make a booktube talking about the book.  The book that I chose is called Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and in my booktube I told what i think that happened to Elizabeth and Darcy after the book ended. This is my booktube.

The Orange Juice

In our speaking skills class, our teacher Dani,  gave us the assignment to creat  a poem, in pairs. The poem had to be based on the Poem «The Orange Juice» and then record it alone. I did mine with Martina Villafañe Ibarbia

The Orange Juice

We really like orange juice

Me and my family drink it three days a week

Today I woke up, grabbed my orange juice

and went to work.

Honestly I didn’t know that this could  happened!

I got fired! Duh!

I am desperate! What am i going to do?

The only thing I was thinking about when I arrived home was

neither the money

neither the food,

I only cared about the orange juice!

But suddenly.


I got an Idea!

Why not steal the orange juice from my neighbor next door!

It is easier than getting a new job, you know?

So one morning before my neighbor woke up,

I stole his orange juice!

Hooray! Now I got juice for the entire weekend.

So on monday I stole the orange juice again.

When I got home I poured a whole glass of orange juice

And then i gulped all of the juice into my mouth.

But then..


The juice was really spicy!

I had spited it all out!

After this, I swear I won’t steal others people Orange Juice,

Because sometimes they can come sabotaged!

And this is the Voicethread I did for the poem!

Who Is My Favoite Youtuber?

For our writing and speaking skills class our teacher, Dani gave us an assignment. In this assignment we had to comment on three booktuber that we liked.

The first booktuber I chose was James Patterson.  I really liked his booktube because instead of reviewing the book, he made a video about how the witers of the books wrote them. It was really fun watching them!

The second booktuber I chose was Carrie Fletcher. I really liked her booktube because she made a song about fictional boys on books and as I am very kean on music i really liked it.

And the third and last youtuber I chose was the vlogbrothers. John and Hank make really good booktubes and they are really creative. Their booktubes are really funny and I love how they talk to the camara as if they were talking to them. Its really funny!

My Favorite Holiday Photo

For our speacking skills class, our teacher Daniela Barra, told us to choose a photo from our favorite holiday and write about it, and then present it in class.

This is my writing and my photo:

In my picture I was in Orlando, Florida USA. We went there for a family vacation with my family and my cousins.

In this photo I was exploring the center of Orlando, with my cousins and my family, and I took the photo. We were shopping and then we decided that we were going to go to our hotel again, so we had to go through the center of Orlando.

I decided to take the picture because I thought it was a very beautiful place, this was in the convention center of Orlando. I really like the picture because it gives very good memories of that amazing trip.


Wanted Poster(in prosses)

Last Wednesday, my writing skills teacher Dani Barra gave us an assignment, in which we had to get in pairs and make a wanted poster for our partner. I did it with Lola Villegas Argento. In the poster we had to include: a picture of someone we felt identified with, our name, a short description of us, why were we wanted, where we were last seen, what closed we were wearing, a contact and a reward.
This is the poster that lola made for me:


Name Chain

Today, March the 2nd , in the first class of Oral and Writing skills class with our teacher Daniela Barra we played a game to know eachother better. The game consisted of writing our saying our names and telling the class something about yourself, but it had to be related to the one thing that said your classmate before you. My opinion in this activity was that it was very fun and helpfull to know our new classmates better. The objective was to know a us a little bit better and it was succsesful. What i told my class mates after Martina Villafane Ibarbia told she liked coldplay, was that i liked music a lot. And I learnt that Sybilla Correa Perkins likes swimming and that Maria Roggero likes sleeping.