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Language online test

Answers in blue and italics.
Read Passage A carefully and then answer the questions.
Passage A:

First fill in the gaps with the correct tense and then answer the questions.

The Sleeping Giant
A new and extreme tourist attraction has just exploded (just explode) on to the scene in Iceland: Volcano Walking. It would appear, according to Tripadvisor, that this is one trip that cannot be missed, despite the extortionate cost. The idea of making Thrihnukagigur volcano accessible was the brainchild of Ami B. Stefansson, a doctor in Reykjavik and a lifelong cave enthusiast. He has been studying (study) caves in Iceland since 1954 and some would argue that there is no-one who has more experience. Thrihnukagigur has always
been special to Stefansson ever since he was the first to descend down to the crater base in 1974. Like most people who experience it, he was utterly spellbound by its uniqueness and beauty and made it his mission to protect and preserve this stunning natural phenomenon. Unlike others who may have only seen the profit that could be made from walking into the mouth of a volcano, Stefansson believed (believe) that the primary focus was to treat such a grand natural wonder with the utmost respect, to protect and defend it. The first ‘volcano tourists’ entered the volcano in 2005 and
it has since been labelled as one of the most unique tourist attractions inthe world.

Volcano walkers are taken (take)to the mouth of the crater from where they are lowered in a basket into the depths of the earth. People once thought that volcanoes were portals to Hell and associated with death and destruction and yet the entrance to the crater is awe-inspiring and almost ethereal. The vastness of it can feel overwhelming; it is the size of a cathedral and the Statue of Liberty could easily fit into the shaft. After 6 minutes and 120 metres, visitors arrive at the crater base. The ground space is the size of three full-sized basketball courts placed next to each.

At the bottom there is a reverent hush. People whisper in respect to the sleeping giant who has lain dormant for 4,000 years. The subterranean walls are scorched with colours from a divine palette: magenta red, vibrant purple, burnt orange, vivid green and honey yellow. The colour intensifies in certain places where 4000 years ago the magma was pushed out with brutal force. This is Mother Nature’s secret place, her private art studio where visitors feel like trespassers. The protruding rock faces show a tapestry of patterns and formations that have been moulded by heat, pressure and time. Floodlights illuminate the walls and draw attention to the beauty humans were never intended to see. A light rain weeps from the porous rock above and covers the crater sides with a shine that makes it sparkle. The scorch marks can be seen(can see) close up – at one point in time these rock faces were glowing red with fiery heat. This giant, although sleeping, is still dangerous: an 80-metre drop into the void is disguised by a collection of rocks close to where visitors stand.

It is a soul-enriching experience and visitors often report feeling deeply moved by the beauty and tranquillity of something that was once so destructive and angry. Confronted with this result of the unrestrained forces of nature, it is hard not to feel small and powerless in comparison. Sadly, the magical spell is broken when the basket appears, indicating that it is time for visitors to return to reality. On the return hike, visitors walk across the lava fields as though they are astronauts on the moon. They pass enormous open wounds where the landscape is literally tearing itself apart as tectonic plates slowly shift. It serves as one final reminder that
this giant is merely dormant, not dead.

Re-read the descriptions of:
(a) The volcano in paragraph 3, beginning, “Volcano
walkers… ”
(b) The crater in paragraph 4 , beginning, “At the
Select four powerful words or phrases from each paragraph.
Your choices should include imagery. Explain
how each word or phrase selected is used effectively
in context.
Write about 100 to 150 words

The phrase “Death and destruction” shows the imagery of the insides of the volcano, which is described with these powerful word that could also describe hell. Also the words “crater base” are really powerful because you can clearly see and picture the inside of the volcano with enormous holes in it reflecting terror. Furthermore the phrase “Mouth of the crater” gives us the illusion that they are standing in a volcano that is about to eat them. The word “Vastness” reflect the feeling you’d get when you were standing in that volcano, you’d got the feeling of being alone y terror. The word “scorched” gives us the image of dryness which gives you thirst which is an awful feeling. But the words “divine palette” give us the imagery of beautiful color in the volcano. The phrase “Modern Nature secret place” give us a beautiful imagery as if it was a lovely place and the words “tapestry of patterns” show us how the walls of the volcano were beautiful.

Explain the meaning of the words in bold. Use synonyms to explain them.

Extortionate: grossly excessive; exorbitant

Spellbound: bound by or as if by a spell; enchanted, entranced, or fascinated

Unlike: different, dissimilar, or unequal; not alike

awe-inspiering: causing awespectacular; magnificent

Overwhelming:that overwhelmsoverpowering

Dormant: lying asleep or as if asleep; inactive, as in sleep; torpid

Soul Enriching:fulfilment of soul by doing good deeds and having good thoughts

Finish these sentences in an appropriate way.

If I hadn’t visited Mary last week,
I wouldn’t had been able to tell her how much i like my new job.

If I could help Sue,
I would tell her that what she did was the right thing to do.

You need to study more if
You want to pass the history exam.

Why don’t you go to the doctor if
You found a weird rash on your arm?

Suppose you had the chance of moving abroad,
Would you do it?

Jack can lend you the money as long as you give it back to him by monday.

I wish I was (BE) taller. I would love to work as a model.

I wish you would stop (stop) smoking. It’s bad for your health.

Writing Task

Compare the two main characters of More than just the disease and Face. What do they have in common? Write a paragraph (90-100 words)Include at least one conditional sentence and one compound adjective. Include at least three of the following terms:

grope for – overcast- to prune- to scold- nosy- sip- to shiver- to hum- to quiver- reluctant- to coax- gloomy- to gleam- scorching hot- rusty- to scratch.

In the novel “Face” by Benjamin Stephania and in the short story “More than Just a Disease” the main characters of the two texts have a lot in common. The main thing they have in common is their insecurities. Martin after being in a car crash ends up with injuries in most part of his face, which makes him lost all of his confidence. And Neil has a very bad skin disease in his chest which makes him insecure about taking his shirt off even if it was scorching hot. After Martin’s accident everyone coaxed him bc of his look and bc they had pity for him and this left him heart-broken. And if Neils mom wasnt as protective as she was he would have been more confident about his looks.

The Peniless Kingdom by Victoria Landolfo and Ines Galmarini

The Penniless Kingdom by Victoria Landolfo and Ines Galmarini
Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away there were two twin brothers. This kingdom was a particular one, since it had the support of the people. But it lacked one thing, money. The king did not want anyone to know about this, not even his own children. But, the two nosy twins overheard the kingdom’s problem in a king’s conversation. They felt they needed to do something, find a solution. They tried to solve the problem by going into a treasure hunt.

Little do they know what adventure was coming. They started their heroic experience by going into the forest. As night was approaching, they needed to find refuge. The two brothers were thinking what to do, when they noticed a little house. Suddenly, an old lady came out of the house. “What are you doing alone in the forest?”, the old lady said, “Come in, I will make you some tea”. The brothers doubted it for a second, but they could not afford staying outside much longer, since they would freeze to death. When they entered, they looked cautiously at every part of the house. It seemed very simple, the only unusual part, was the oven, it was pretty large for a house that only lived one person. “My name is Louisa, what’s yours? she said. All of a sudden, a huge explosion was heard. In the twinkling of an eye, a wizard appeared into their eyes. “Come with me and you must live” he affirmed. When the old lady started refusing, he touched his amulet, grabbed his magic wand and exclaimed «Abracadabra». The lady was turned into dust. When the twins asked the strange wizard the reason for his incantation, he explained them that Louisa was an evil witch who steal from naive people lurking in the forest and then burned them for them to die.

When they were about to leave the witch’s house, the twins explained the wizard that they were out in the woods searching for money since the kingdom needed it. When he heard this, an idea came into his mind. All the money stolen by the witch, could be used in this purpose, for the kingdom.

In a matter of minutes, they grabbed all the stolen gold and in a tiny movement of the wizard’s wand, they were home. They both dashed into his father’s room and exclaimed that they had money. The king, was shocked, but he shivered with excitement. He was so happy. The kingdom had money and they all lived happily ever after.
The end….



Writing for effect

Today, In our language class we read some texts which transmit tension. Then, in pairs we wrote our own writing.

I did it with Margui Muller and this is our text

It was late. I was in my house,alone. It was raininga lot. Oh god, I heard a knok on the door, oh god, oh god! I was afraid,my stomach hurts. Fears apoeared in mu mind. Who was that person? I didnt know, but he was standing out there. The knock went in and on, Oh god! I ran towards the door. With fear i looked who it was. He didnt answer, he just stared at me. It was horrible! Terrible! Everything got black for me, clouded. I steped back, one, two, three steps back. Suddenly, i heard the door opening. Oh no! The man had a knife in his hand. I shouted, I shouted as loud as possible. He doweled towards me. I got paralysed. It was my end…


12-year-old boy locked in dirty, dark bathroom for a year, police say

For our Language class we had to find an abuse report and summarize it. This is my summary.


A 12 year old boy, from Salt Lake Utha, was locked inside a bathroom by his mother for almost ayear.  This bathroom was in very poor conditions. It was really filthy and the mother had taped the light for the kid not to turn them on. In addition to that, there were feaces and cans of beans all over the floor.

When the kid was found by his father he was in a very bad condition. He was starving and malnourish. He weighted 30 pounds only. The door was locked from the outside for the kid not to go out.

They took him to the hospital and the doctor that saw him said that he had never seen a case of malnutrition worst than him in all his career.  Moreover this woman had two more kids which were held by child protection services. This woman was charged with felony child abuse.

My Opinion

I found this report incredible.  At first i thought of how can a person could be so cruel to let their kid starve almost to death, and even if he was her son.


Malnourishedpoorly or improperly nourished; suffering from malnutrition

Bailproperty or money given as surety that a person released from custodywill return at an appointed time

Feceswaste matter

Felony: an offense, as murder or burglary, of graver character than those called misdemeanors, especially those commonly punished in the U.S. by imprisonment for more than a year.



Reportes Speech

For our language class, our teacher Pilar told us to search for quotes from famouse people in history ( such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela,etc) and transform them into reported speech. Then we had to do a collage showing our work. This is what I did with my class mate Fefi Marty

Language Online Test

For our language class we had a test on crime reports online. This is what our teacher told us to do.

Watch the following extract. Now imagine you are a reporter. Write a crime report based on the events of the video.

This is my Writing:


Bank Of Valencias Was Robbed

Yesterday afternoon,in a cold rainy day, the central bank of Valencia; Spain, was robbed by a group of adult men. Their objective was to steal as many safety boxes as they could. Fifty eight hostages were set free and three were killed when they tried to scape.

At 5 and a half yesterday the gang led by Manuel Ramirez and Rodrigo Gimenez entered the bank as if they were normal people that wanted to get money out of their accounts. And then Juan Gomez, a 33 year old from sevilla, took a shotgun and killed the police officer that was at the door. Then they locked the people and the workers that were in the bank in the main office, were some of them were ordered to put on a vest with bombs. In those two hours that they were in the bank they killed another two people, Ana Calà, a 29 year old banker from valencia and Pablo Maria de las Rosas, a 45 year old men that was going to take money of of the bank.

After the hostage were set free, the police came in and they arrested the ten men that were in the gang.The ten men were accused of robbery and murder. They all were sentenced to fifty years in jail exept from Ramirez and Gimenez that were sentenced to life inprisonment.

Writing Task: Crime Report

For our Language class our teacher Pilar told us to make a crime report with three passive constructions. Then she gaves us three op´tions to write about.(«2 boys, 13, charged with groping girl in school bathroom», «Federal judge sets November trial for man charged in Charleston church attack» and «Mom pleads not guilty to setting home afire with kids inside»). I choose «Mom pleads not guilty to setting home afire with kids inside». This is my article.


 Mom pleads not guilty to setting home afire with kids inside


35 year old Lisa Johnson was accused for setting her house on fire with her 3 boys and his ex-husband  inside, only to take revenge on him. She plead not guilty of the crime, but some clues have been discovered that might link her to being an arsonist.

On saturday afternoon, around five,she  was believed to be at the supermarket, buying matches and gasolin, the weapons that she used in her crime. Finger prints were found on the matches and on the bowl of gasolin. It is also said that she had gotten a divorce with his now ex-husband Michael O’ brien, and that she was starting a relationship with Connor Williams, an buissnes man that had an arsonist background.

She said that at the time of the crime she was at her work, filling some paper-work. But when the police asked her boss, he said that she had gone early from work.

Her trial is set for the 5th of July this year.



Dumb Martian Questions

For our Language class we read a short story called «Dumb Martian» thes are the questions that we had to answer about the story.

1.What seems to be the attitude in the society about buying female martians?

The attitude in the futuristic society of “Dumb Martian” towards buying female martian was illegal but people still bought them, because the society at that time though that martians were dumb and that they couldn’t think. But they actually were really intelligent, and this idea is proven when Lellie makes a plan to get Duncan out of the spaceship.

2.At the beginning of the story, where is Duncan Weaver going? For how long? What will his dutie be?

At the beginning of the story Duncan is going to Júpiter IV/II, he would have to stay for 5 years and his job there was a station officer.

3.Describe Lellie’s appearance. Draw a sketch of what you think she    looks like?

Lellie is a short and thin martian with green skin, big round brown eyes that make her look as if she was surprised, purple hair, and really small mouth. At first she seems kind, shy and introverted, but at the end of the story we realize that she is a really smart martian that has two faces, the innocent one and the smart but dangerous one.



4.How are we given the impression that Lellie is a mere possession of Duncan? Use quotes.

We are given the impression that Lellie is a mere possession of Duncan, firstly because he bought her, and second because he trates Lellie like an object that can’t think, and that only was made to take care of the chores of the house.”Duncan Weaver boght Lellie from her parents for ?1,000.

5.Comment on the fact that Duncan lost to Lellie at chess.(a game that he had taught her)

When Duncan lost to Lellie at chess, a game that he taught her, it meant that Lellie was really intelligent and that she could learn fast. And Duncan saw this as a threat because he thought that if she learned things that fast she could figure out that he was the one to blame of Alan’s death.

6. Where in the story is Duncan’s verbal and physical abuse of Lellie at it’s worse?

Duncan’s verbal and physical abuse of Lellie was its worse when he got angry with her because she couldn’t pronounce the word yes, this was the worse because he hit her because of something insignificant.

7.Weaver Describes Alan as: “Snooty Ritzy and Snazzy”. What type of language is it and what does it tell us about the difference between the 2 men?

8.Why does Lellies question about female emancipation makes Weaver feel so angry?

Lellies question about female emancipation makes Duncan angry because he didn’t wanted her to know that woman were treated well and that beating woman was illegal and that it was really serious. Because if Lellie realized that what duncan was doing was bad she would maybe take revenge on her or maybe tell the police about how she was being treated and they could arrest him because of physical and verbal abuse towards her.

9.“She was a dumb Mart”. Do you agree with this phrase? Explain.

No, i don’t agree with this phrase because Lellie wasn’t actually dumb, she was really intelligent, and she seemed dumb because she at first couldn’t understand and speak the language well, but then she learned really quickly and that shows that she was really intelligent.

10.What message of relevance does this story have? (Technology, society, personal qualities) Connect the message to our present time.

The message of the story is to not underestimate people or as the phrace says “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” because sometimes people aren’t as we expect them to be. Also that we shouldn’t treat other races differently, we should all treat ourselves equally and respectfully, accepting the other’s opinions, religions, etc.