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«Paper Planes» by M.I.A.

In our literature class we are seeing the conection in between music and literature.  The debate was open because of Bob Dylan recieving a Nobel prize because of his mesmerizing lyrics.


MIA was born with the name of Mathangi Arulpragasam 18 of July of 1975 in Britain. Then she lived in Sri Lanka with her parents and her brother. Her dad was an activist supporting the EROS that was a paramilitary group that supported the LTTE that was a socialist group of Sri Lanka against the government. The first eleven years of her life she lived changing places because of her dads position in the Sri Lanka’s civil war. She lived in a poor environment when she was young. Then she lived in India because of the situation in her country. Then because of all the violence she escaped to Britain as a refugee of the Sri Lanka’s civil war. In england she suffered of discrimination because of being a refugee. She first started as a filmmaker and then she proceeded to be a songwriter.


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