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«The Impossible» writing assignment

In our writing skills class, our teacher Pilar told us to do two writings using a fragment of the movie «The Impossible». The first writing we had to do was a News Report and the second writing was a Diary Entry telling about the experience.

This is my News Report:
December the 26 of 2004

Indian Ocean Tsunami

Tsunami caused by an underwater earthquake affect 11 countries killing 250,000 people in only 10 minutes.

250,000 people died yesterday for the tsunami that attacked the Indian ocean coast. The affected countries were Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Somalia, Myanmar, Maldives, Tanzania, Seychelles,Bangladesh, South Africa,Kenya and Madagascar. This tsunami was 9.1 in the magnitude scale and they say it was the biggest tsunami in 40 years.
The tectonic plates there have been over a thousand years pushing against them. If they keep being like that it can cause more possible earthquake and tsunamis in the future.
This is my Diary Entry:

Dear diary, today the 26 of december of 2004 a terrible tsunami have killed my entire family except from me and my dad. What happened was that I was in a vacation with all my family and suddenly when I was at the pool a very strong wind came and then I saw a gigantic wave coming to our hotel. I was in shock. Everybody started panicking and my dad grabbed me by the hand and we started to run in the opposite direction that the tsunami was. Then the wave reached us and i lost track of my mom and my two little brothers. My bigger brother, my father and i tried to hold on to a palm tree but my brother wasn’t so strong so we lost him too.

Romantic Elements

Pato, our literature teacher, gave us as an assignment to find romantic elemnts in these three poems that we had already read and analyze. I made this with Maria Roggero and Fefi Marty.

The clod and the pebble
The romantic elements that this poem has are nature, supernaturalism, subjectivity and imagination.
Nature because clods and pebbles are things you can find in nature.
Supernatural and Imagination because clods and pebbles can’t talk because they are objects.
And Subjectivity because the two of them have different opinions, ideas about love.

The romantic elements that this poem has are subjectivity, supernaturalism, hellenism, naturalism, imagination, and escapism.
There is subjectivity because the voice doesn’t care to express herself and show her emotions.
There is supernaturalism because the voice the voice talks to the sky as if it was a person.
There is hellenism because she loves a man that doesn’t love her back, unrequited love.
There is naturalism because she talks to the sky, which is part of nature.
There is imagination because she imagines the sky talking back to her.
There is escapism because the voice escaped reality and the urban life to go to a place quiet and relaxing, which is nature.

She was a phantom of delight
The romantic elements that this poem has are: naturalism, imagination, supernaturalism.
There is naturalism because in the first stanza the voice describes the woman with words related to it. For example, “her eyes as stars of Twilight fair” and twilight is a period of time in the day.
There is imagination because the voice thinks that he is imagining the woman, because he didn’t know if she was an apparition or a real person. We say this because it says “a traveller betwixt life and death”. This quote tells us that the voice wasn’t sure if she comes from the spirit world she is a person.
There is supernaturalism because the voice describes her as a “phantom of delight” which means that she is too good to be real. Also, the voice says she was an “apparition” which that is related with supernatural because he refers as if the woman was a ghost appearing.

War Horse Trailer Assignment

For our language class our teacher Laura made us see the trailer of War Horse and she told us to answer these questions and to make a job in pairs.

This are the answers for the questions:

1-What do you think about it?

1-I really liked it because it reflected how the movie was going to be.

2-Is it a good representation /summary of the movie?Why why not?

2-Yes because it is the show bits of the movie that are relevant and very important.

3-Is it appealing to you or any person who did not watch it?

3-I think it is because it shows a lot of very interesting things about war.


Grammar Assignment

In our language class our teacher Laura gave us the assignment to see ways and devices to make deductions about a situation in the present and the past. This are my answers.

MUST: when you are very sure of something

CANT: when its imposible

MIGHT: when its a probability or when its possible

MAY: when its possible

SEEM: to appear to be, feel, do, etc.
LOOK: to express or suggest



En la clase de educacion tecnologica nos pidieron hacer encuestas a nuestros padres para ver como eran saludables. Aqui esta mi encuesta a mi mamá:

  1. Usted come saludable?

Mas o menos

2. Cuando come saludable, de que manera la hace?

Respetamos la cantidad de comidas, tratar de no comer tanta grasa.

3. ¿ Que tipo de alimentos comen entre comidas?

Yo no como entre comidas.

4. ¿Como interviene usted en la dieta de su hijo?

Trato de comprar comida sana.

5. ¿Que es saludable para vos?

Hacer gimnasia. Comer 4 comidas al dia. No comer en exceso.


The League of Nations In The 1920s

In the last part of the year, with our teacher Lenny, in History, we are working on The League of Nations. In an activity i did with Flor Claps and Martu Ibarbia, we had to create a thing link with the aims and membership of the league. Also there were other groups that had to do presentations like us with other themes. These are all the Thinglinks:

Aims and Memberships made by Flor Claps, Martina Ibarbia and Ines Galmarini

This presentation that i made talks about the aims that the league had and the mebers that the league had.

The structure of the League made by Benjamin Mayol, Gonzalo Criniti, Vignesh Manwani and Santiago Blasco.

This presentation talks about how the League worked and the main aims that the Leagues had.

League’s achievements were made by Jeronimo Leguizamon, Federika Marty, Maria Roggero and Juana Perez Muniz.

This presentation talks about the positive things that the League did.

Corfu and Bulgaria was made by Margarita Muller, Milagros Montanelli, Rosario Vago and Victoria Landolfo.


This presentation talks about one succes and one failure that the League had.

Aaland Islands and Upper Silesia was made by Martin Anania, Ignacio Maestro Malek and Francisco Lusso.

This presentation talks about two successes that the League had.

Vilna and the Geneva Protocol that was made by Lucas Campion, Silvestre Braun Urien and Lola Villegas Argento.

This presentation talks about two failures of the League.

And Disarmament that was made by Milagros Mendez Peralta Ramos, Rosario Segura and Sybilla Correa Perkins.

This presentation talks about disarmament and other treaties to have peace.

Never Stop On The Motorway

The story tells about Dianna that was invited to one of her friends farm. Once she got out of work, she got stuck on the motorway and rolled over a cat. She then got out of the car to see  the cat. Then she continued driving.  When she was driving  she noticed that a black van was following her. Then she remebered that a murderer was on the loose. So she started driving faster until she got to her friends farm. She told her friend to take the gun to shoot the man that was following  Diana but the man told them that when she stop in the road a man had entered to her car. And when they opened the car a man with a knife was there.

Essay from the Literature Term Test

A) Religion and nature save the speaker of Passion from getting depressed. Do you agree

In the poem Passion religion and nature stops the speaker from being depressed. In this essay this idea will be proven.

At first, the speaker is very depressed because as the poem say’s «Waiting for the longed-for  voice to speak», she felt alone, and she wanted to be with someone. But then in the fourth stanza she starts to realize that someone is with her, Nature. She realized that nature and her are one. So she starts getting out of the depression. «Then  the sky spoke to me in language clear, familiar at the heart, than love more near». This quotation shows the epiphanic moment when she realizes that she is not alone, that she is familiarized with the voice of nature , so these means she was never alone , that nature never left her.

But , on the other hand, we can take that quotationand give it another meaning. We can say that the quote is also talking about God, indirectly , because God is supposed to be in the sky , so if the sky talks to you , it could mean that God is speaking to you. So this gaves the poem another meaning and it gives the poem , the meaning of secular love. That the speaker thinks she is alone , but she isn’t. Because God is in nature, and God has never left her.

So in a way Religion and Nature are connected in this poem and that this helps the speaker to get over her depression.

Resumen de Nuestro Proyecto De Tecnología

En la clase de tecnología nos propusieron hacer un proyecto que es durante todo el año donde producimos un snack saludable, que son frutas secas, para venderlo en el colegio.

Para lograr este objetivo nos dividimos en 5 grupos: el grupo de alimentos, que se encarga de pensar cual es el alimento, su bolsas etc,el grupo de textil que se encarga de los uniformes, el grupo de equipamiento que hace la maquina para hacer la fruta seca, el grupo de servicios que se encarga de hacer blog en donde esta toda la información de el snack y mi grupo construcción que se encarga de hacer el stand para vender la fruta seca.

Lo que yo y mi grupo estamos haciendo en las clases de tecnología es armar un  stand. Primero lo diseñamos y buscamos forma de hacer el stand que sean ecológicas. Luego con cajones de verduras, un tablón de madera y tela hicimos un stand. Todavía seguimos haciendo el stand pero va quedando muy bien.  En mi opinión este proyecto es muy divertido de hacer. Me gusto mucho que podamos crear y diseñar este stand.

Con este `proyecto aprendí del fordismo y el toyotismo, de que eran los procesos en linea y los procesos flexibles.

Para mi para el cierre del proyecto tendríamos que exponer el stand en el recreo para que los chicos puedan comprar los snacks y probarlos.