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Today instead of having our normal classes some exchange students from America came to our school. They were from San Diego, California. We discussed our cultural differences and our similarities.

Even though we were from different sides of the continent we shared a lot of aspects, they entered school the same time as us, and when they got out they spend time with their friends and enjoyed their favorite sports. They also like some of the same music, series, movies and candy!

What we found different about our culture and their culture was that first, they could start driving at age 15 and a half, with the permission of the school. They also had different schedules, they only had 3 meals, and they ate lunch at 11:00 and dinner at 7:00. They also have proms( graduation parties) and their parties start at 8 and ended at 12.

The value of this activity was that we were able to learn more about their culture , and they got to know about our culture. And we were able to know each other a little bit better.