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Virtual Period: Nervous system : Neurons and synapse

  1.  When the dendriles recieve a signal they go to the axon hilock. If the signal is powerfull it will travel through the axon that can vary of length. Some axsons are so large that they travel throught all the spine and others are shorter. And when the signal reaches the terminal(the bottom part of the neurone) it can go to other cells and it can cause another signal to appear.This is how the shape of a neurone is related to its function.
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  • Sensory: They take information of what its happening inside and outside the body and take it to the CNS to be processed.
  • Relay: They connect one neurone to another in the CNS. They take information from one neurone and pass it to another neurone.
  • Motor: They get information from other neurons and convey them to the muscles,organs and glands.

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Synapse in my own words:

The two neurons give eachother chemical signals by neuro transmiters in the presynaptic nurone.  Receptors in the postsynapyic neurone get this chemical signals and pass it or deactivate it.