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Task 1
With close reference to the text of the short story Billenium explore the following questions in detail. Remember to include quotations and page numbers for the quotations in your answers

  1. Write a detailed synopsis of the story.  

Rossiter and Ward were two friends that lived in an overpopulated city, where the maximum living space was of thirty eight square feet. But because of the little space they had they moved to another building, where they found a very big abandones room. And as far as time went by more people were living in the room, and Ward, even if he hated landlords, sort of became one.

2. Discuss the theme of overpopulation and the effect it has on both the way of life and quality of life of the inhabitants of the city.

Overpopulation affects the way of living because they don’t have space to live in, they get bruises in their elbows because of walking side by side with other  people one the street, they had communitary bathrooms and dining rooms and it affects the liberty and privacy that people have.

3. The quest for living space has become an overriding obsession with the people of the city. Discuss this theme in detail. Include in your answer some discussion of the ways in which Ballard makes the quest for space dominate the characters’ lives.

People live in very small places. And every month the space of the cubicles gets smaller. So they have to look for a new space because the space of the cubicle isn’t enough for them. So they move again and the cycle starts again.

4. What sort of relationship does Ballard put forward between the inner world of the individual (as represented by Ward and Rossiter) and the outer world in which they live. In other words, how does Ballard conceptualise the effect of surviving daily life in a hopelessly overcrowded city on the consciousness of the individual as demonstrated by the ways in which Ward and Rossiter manage the gift of space in the secret room they discover?

Ward and rossiter hated their society. They hated that there was overpopulation and landlords. But they were so used to that society that they had to get used ti that society.

5. In the story, Ballard does attempt some sort of explanation of the social, political and economic causes of the extreme overpopulation that has beset the world. Explain his views as they are presented in the story.

In the story overpopulation is overwhealming. People are allowed to have only 3 children but they have more than the limit because if you have a numerous family you get a bigger cubicle, so they were having more children were there wasnt a lot of space.

6. Do you agree with his argument? Do you think that current population growth projections indicate that we are likely to end up in the situation portrayed in the story?

We think we can end up in that situation but in a very distant future. Becuase people are goint to have a lot more children and mortality is going to fall down because o the new discoveries in medicine.

7. Describe and analyse Ward’s character in some detail. What values does he hold? Why does Ballard make use of this type of character as the main character for this story?

Ward´s character has a delayed way of thinking.  He isnt accostumed to overpopulation and he hates it. He also hates landlords. Ballard chose Ward as the main character to emphazize how people can adapt to any way of living to survive, even if they dont like that way of living.

8. What role does Rossiter play in the story?

Rossiter is one the main characters in the short story. He is Ward best friend and the one who gave the idea of inviting the girls to move in with them and argued with Ward to let them move in. He is also responsible of letting his family move in.

9.Describe the role of the female characters in the story.

The role of the female character in the story is very important thanks to the fact they convinced Ward and Rossiter to let more people move into their cubicle.

10. Discuss the effects that over-population and its attendant ills has had on the nature of family life in relation to Ward’s family as well as Judith and Helen’s family relationships.

11. What does the secret room symbolise in the story?

The secret room symbolize freedom, and space. Because they are use to have a small limitof space and to always share all.

12. Why do you think Ward and Rossiter are unable to keep the gift of space to themselves? Is Ballard making a comment on how our inner world ultimately reflects the shape of the external world in which we live?

Ward and Rossiter are unable to keep the gift of space to themselves because they are use to have a limit of space and to share with others.

13. What sort of living arrangement do they eventually end up allowing (and accommodating to) in their secret room?

The ended up agreed on letting more people in, taking out  the ward drop and dividing the space with participants.

14. Discuss Ballard’s style and language in the story? Consider also in what ways it is appropriate to the nature of the story being told.

Task 2

Have a look at this video and compare it to the short story we have read!! (Thanks Alina Claps for sharing this video!!)

Task 2

The connection between the story and the videos is that, both in the story as in the video have to live in a very small place where they have to share it. And we can found the difference in the story, Billenium and the video because in the short story they lacked space in the world and that why they started reducing people’s houses and apartment. In the contrary now a day we do not suffer a lack of space but there still existing small places where to live. The other difference is that in the story they all share a dining room and a bathroom and in the video those apartments have their own.

Reportes Speech

For our language class, our teacher Pilar told us to search for quotes from famouse people in history ( such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela,etc) and transform them into reported speech. Then we had to do a collage showing our work. This is what I did with my class mate Fefi Marty

Nazi Germany

On History class, we are studying the topic of Nazi Germany. Firstly, we had to make presenations about a topic that our teacher lenny gave us. My group , that consists of Margarita Muller, Juana Perez Muñiz  and I, made a presentation of the Persecution of Minorities. We did a presentation using the tool powtoon including information from our history books.  Secondly, in september 20th, we recieved Mr Leguizamon, and he told us about his experience in the «Marcha por la Vida», and how where the concentration camps in all europe. Thirdly we visited the «Museo del Holocausto», where we saw a testimony of a men who was in Auschwitz and our lovely guide told us about alot of thing that where in the museum. My opinion on this project is that this was an opportunity that help us realize what we did wrong in the past and what we shouldnt do in the future, for all the people in the world to live in peace whithout prejudice abour the others.

Then we searched for two videos on the topic of our presentation.

Kristallnacht: Night Of Broken Glass

This video explains the Kristallnacht, what was the event.

And this is a quote that we found on the topic.


The day after Kristallnacht the techer said:

” Don’t worry about what you see, even if you see some natsy things which you may not understand. Hitler wants a better Germany, a clean Germany. Don’t worry, evrything will work out fine in the end.”

Nazi Treatment of Gypsies

This video is about the treatment that Gypsis had in Nazi Germany, which was bad, they made them change their lifes completley.

  • Martin Leguizamon´s Visit

On september 20th, Mr Martin Leguizamon, jero´s father, came to talk about his experience in the «Marcha por la Vida», which is the journey that all the people that were in the Concentration camps had to do when this places were evacuated because of the coming of the Allies. He told us devastating stories about what had happened in the concentration camps, and how was his experience visiting them , with his students.  He also told us what his experience was in the Ghetto of Warsaw. Martin also taught us the diffrence about Holocaust and Shoa.

  • Museo del Holocausto

On the 28th of september we went to the Museo del Holocausto. Firstly we saw a testimony of a survior of the Holocaust. This man had lost all his family exept for his brother after being in Auschwitz, and he then came to live in Argentina, we he formed a family. He told us about the awful thing that happen to him, like almost being killed because one of his work mates tried to kill a Nazi soldier.  And then we got to see the part of the museum that had all the sources from that period of time. We got to see from striped pijamas to the rests of thing of the Kristallnatch. This is a collage with picture i took from my experience.

Language Online Test

For our language class we had a test on crime reports online. This is what our teacher told us to do.

Watch the following extract. Now imagine you are a reporter. Write a crime report based on the events of the video.

This is my Writing:


Bank Of Valencias Was Robbed

Yesterday afternoon,in a cold rainy day, the central bank of Valencia; Spain, was robbed by a group of adult men. Their objective was to steal as many safety boxes as they could. Fifty eight hostages were set free and three were killed when they tried to scape.

At 5 and a half yesterday the gang led by Manuel Ramirez and Rodrigo Gimenez entered the bank as if they were normal people that wanted to get money out of their accounts. And then Juan Gomez, a 33 year old from sevilla, took a shotgun and killed the police officer that was at the door. Then they locked the people and the workers that were in the bank in the main office, were some of them were ordered to put on a vest with bombs. In those two hours that they were in the bank they killed another two people, Ana Calà, a 29 year old banker from valencia and Pablo Maria de las Rosas, a 45 year old men that was going to take money of of the bank.

After the hostage were set free, the police came in and they arrested the ten men that were in the gang.The ten men were accused of robbery and murder. They all were sentenced to fifty years in jail exept from Ramirez and Gimenez that were sentenced to life inprisonment.

Writing Task: Crime Report

For our Language class our teacher Pilar told us to make a crime report with three passive constructions. Then she gaves us three op´tions to write about.(«2 boys, 13, charged with groping girl in school bathroom», «Federal judge sets November trial for man charged in Charleston church attack» and «Mom pleads not guilty to setting home afire with kids inside»). I choose «Mom pleads not guilty to setting home afire with kids inside». This is my article.


 Mom pleads not guilty to setting home afire with kids inside


35 year old Lisa Johnson was accused for setting her house on fire with her 3 boys and his ex-husband  inside, only to take revenge on him. She plead not guilty of the crime, but some clues have been discovered that might link her to being an arsonist.

On saturday afternoon, around five,she  was believed to be at the supermarket, buying matches and gasolin, the weapons that she used in her crime. Finger prints were found on the matches and on the bowl of gasolin. It is also said that she had gotten a divorce with his now ex-husband Michael O’ brien, and that she was starting a relationship with Connor Williams, an buissnes man that had an arsonist background.

She said that at the time of the crime she was at her work, filling some paper-work. But when the police asked her boss, he said that she had gone early from work.

Her trial is set for the 5th of July this year.



Dumb Martian Questions

For our Language class we read a short story called «Dumb Martian» thes are the questions that we had to answer about the story.

1.What seems to be the attitude in the society about buying female martians?

The attitude in the futuristic society of “Dumb Martian” towards buying female martian was illegal but people still bought them, because the society at that time though that martians were dumb and that they couldn’t think. But they actually were really intelligent, and this idea is proven when Lellie makes a plan to get Duncan out of the spaceship.

2.At the beginning of the story, where is Duncan Weaver going? For how long? What will his dutie be?

At the beginning of the story Duncan is going to Júpiter IV/II, he would have to stay for 5 years and his job there was a station officer.

3.Describe Lellie’s appearance. Draw a sketch of what you think she    looks like?

Lellie is a short and thin martian with green skin, big round brown eyes that make her look as if she was surprised, purple hair, and really small mouth. At first she seems kind, shy and introverted, but at the end of the story we realize that she is a really smart martian that has two faces, the innocent one and the smart but dangerous one.



4.How are we given the impression that Lellie is a mere possession of Duncan? Use quotes.

We are given the impression that Lellie is a mere possession of Duncan, firstly because he bought her, and second because he trates Lellie like an object that can’t think, and that only was made to take care of the chores of the house.”Duncan Weaver boght Lellie from her parents for ?1,000.

5.Comment on the fact that Duncan lost to Lellie at chess.(a game that he had taught her)

When Duncan lost to Lellie at chess, a game that he taught her, it meant that Lellie was really intelligent and that she could learn fast. And Duncan saw this as a threat because he thought that if she learned things that fast she could figure out that he was the one to blame of Alan’s death.

6. Where in the story is Duncan’s verbal and physical abuse of Lellie at it’s worse?

Duncan’s verbal and physical abuse of Lellie was its worse when he got angry with her because she couldn’t pronounce the word yes, this was the worse because he hit her because of something insignificant.

7.Weaver Describes Alan as: “Snooty Ritzy and Snazzy”. What type of language is it and what does it tell us about the difference between the 2 men?

8.Why does Lellies question about female emancipation makes Weaver feel so angry?

Lellies question about female emancipation makes Duncan angry because he didn’t wanted her to know that woman were treated well and that beating woman was illegal and that it was really serious. Because if Lellie realized that what duncan was doing was bad she would maybe take revenge on her or maybe tell the police about how she was being treated and they could arrest him because of physical and verbal abuse towards her.

9.“She was a dumb Mart”. Do you agree with this phrase? Explain.

No, i don’t agree with this phrase because Lellie wasn’t actually dumb, she was really intelligent, and she seemed dumb because she at first couldn’t understand and speak the language well, but then she learned really quickly and that shows that she was really intelligent.

10.What message of relevance does this story have? (Technology, society, personal qualities) Connect the message to our present time.

The message of the story is to not underestimate people or as the phrace says “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” because sometimes people aren’t as we expect them to be. Also that we shouldn’t treat other races differently, we should all treat ourselves equally and respectfully, accepting the other’s opinions, religions, etc.


Today instead of having our normal classes some exchange students from America came to our school. They were from San Diego, California. We discussed our cultural differences and our similarities.

Even though we were from different sides of the continent we shared a lot of aspects, they entered school the same time as us, and when they got out they spend time with their friends and enjoyed their favorite sports. They also like some of the same music, series, movies and candy!

What we found different about our culture and their culture was that first, they could start driving at age 15 and a half, with the permission of the school. They also had different schedules, they only had 3 meals, and they ate lunch at 11:00 and dinner at 7:00. They also have proms( graduation parties) and their parties start at 8 and ended at 12.

The value of this activity was that we were able to learn more about their culture , and they got to know about our culture. And we were able to know each other a little bit better.

Booktube: Pride and Prejudice

For our writing and oral class, our teacher Dani told us to choose a book to read throughout the term and then make a booktube talking about the book.  The book that I chose is called Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and in my booktube I told what i think that happened to Elizabeth and Darcy after the book ended. This is my booktube.

Crime Report

For our language class our teacher Pliar told us to look for a crime report and then make a summary about it, highlight the passive forms and explain 3 terms that we didnt undertand. This is what I  did.

Woman’s phone recorded her own murder

WEST CHESTER, Pa. — A woman killed by a shotgun blast in a domestic dispute last week recorded the sound of her own killing on her phone, authorities said.

Just before Wesley Webb was killed on May 2, prosecutors said, she activated an audio recording program on her phone, capturing events from the shooting to the arrival of police officers at the home she shared with her killer. On the recording, they said, the sound of the gunshot can be heard and then Webb’s killer’s voice uttering an expletive followed by, “How’s that? That’s where we just went.”

Prosecutors announced murder charges Wednesday against Keith Robert Smith in connection with Webb’s slaying at their home in Phoenixville, near Philadelphia, where three children were present.

“This was a savage, selfish and cowardly murder,” Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said in a statement.

Smith and Webb had gotten into a fight, and Webb had decided to leave and take two of the children, authorities said. While Webb was sitting on a living room couch, Smith grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and shot her in the chest, killing her, and then tried unsuccessfully to kill himself, they said.

Smith, who was hospitalized in stable condition Wednesday, is charged with murder, criminal homicide, child endangerment, reckless endangerment and a weapons crime. He couldn’t be reached for comment while hospitalized, and court documents don’t list an attorney for him. A message left at a phone number listed in his name wasn’t immediately returned.

The audio recording Webb made of her killing would have been inadmissible in court until very recently under the commonwealth’s wiretap act, but the law was changed in 2012, Hogan said.


This crime report was about a woman, Wesley Webb, that suffered from domestic violence. Her husband, Keith Robert Smith killed her with a shotgun and then he tried to kill himself. When all this was happening she activated the recorder on her phone, and then he killed her and in the audio you could hear the shotgun being fired. Smith was charged with murder, criminal homicide, child endangerment, reckless endangerment and a weapons crime.


Endangerment: to expose to danger; imperil

Prosecutors: a person, as a complainant or chief witness, instigating prosecutionin a criminal proceeding.

Charges: to accuse formally or explicitly