“The lady through the looking galss” and “Habla tu espejo”

Victoria Woolf talks about the mirror being the true reflection of everybody. In this short story we are introduced to a woman called Isabella Tyson which lives alone in a house full of treasures from around the world. Although she has all this very precious things, she is a mystery, nobody knows anything about her. And she acts as someone else, only for people to like her. At the end of the story we realize that her mirror reflects  what she is inside, empty. 

This story made me remember about a song from one of my favorite bands “El cuarteto de Nos”. This song is called “Habla tu Espejo” and Roberto Musso (the author of this song) sings about the perspective of your mirror. He puts himself in the mirrors place, and he sings as if e was it. I love this song because of it lyrics. 

And i could relate it to this story a lot. The lyrics say “Veo en tu cara el barullo que impera en tu cabeza

Veo cuando la culpa supera tu vergüenza”  this lyric portrays how the mirror always knows what you are going through, and i could relate this to when Isabella was so lonely that she had to cover her life with material things to feel better. The mirror saw that, and it made an image of her that she wasnt prepared to see. The mirror knew Isabellas intentions because it watched her everyday. The mirror was the only one who truly knew her. 

Thats why i recommend this song a lot. You should listen to it, and analyses the lyrics, because they make you think a lot!

Here’s the song!

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