The Hollow of the three hills and the symbolism of the number three

In this story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne the symbolisms of the number three is very important to the text. In his story Nathaniel uses the number three as a reference to bible. Catholisim believes in the holy trinity and all throughout the text we can see the different signs of the number three showing up, every time they speak about god. 

Also the number three is very linked to past, present and future. In the short story the protagonist wants to see the future to see how his family was affected by her actions in the past, which i found really interesting, because once again, with a different meaning, the symbolism changed drastically. Furthermore the number three was mentioned in the title. The title could be a way of foreshadowing this symbolism, but also of foreshadowing how the protagonist would want to go from the present, to the future to understand the past. 

This is the picture of the symbolism of number three:

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