The destructors

This short story is situated in London after the blitz. If you dont know what the blitz is, it was a series of bombing made by the german army to the city of London in ww2. This bombings made the citizens be obligated to hide on the underground, for protection. So i found a very cool 360º video, which shows what was like to live in the times of the blitz. Here’s the video:

After watching this video, i could relate more to the characters. The kids lived their childhood throughout this period. And i cant imagine how hard it was for them to live underground for that long period of time hiding for their lives. Because of this, i believe that this would have a very big emotional impact on them, being so young. So thats why, maybe, they have such a destructive way of being , because they grew up with violent surroundings, always fearing for their lives, so they learnt that, that situation was normal, when in reality it was not.  That could explain why they only wanted to destruct things, and how they thought that “destruction is a way of creation”.

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