Rooms and Home is so Sad

Rooms by charlotte mew is about life, memories and melancholy. Mew portrays rooms as memories, and moments in her life. She says each room represents something about her life. So we could say that her head is a house, full of rooms, full of memories, good ones and bad ones.


Home is so sad, tackles the same themes as rooms. This poem is about melancholy and memories. Larkin talks about leaving his house as sad. Because he has so many memories that he doesn’t want to forget. So in a way his head is his house, and as he grew older he starts losing this memories, which is sad, and it is represented as moving out of the house.


So i decided that i will represent my rooms. My memories in pictures, like charlotte and Philip did.
This is my project. Each of this pictures represents a moment in my life which was important to me, and which represents a room in my house. Instead of writing about my rooms, i decided to photograph them. Each of this pictures represents an important part of my life, which has made an impact in my life deeply.

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