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This year was very fun. As regards literature we saw a lot of new thing and themes that were great. I believe that i could enjoyed it more because we has already passed our IGCSE literature exams.

This year we saw a lot of things, like war poetry or shorts stories. But the thing i liked the more was the poems about melancholy. In class we read two poems named “Rooms” and “Home is So Sad”. I found this poems very interesting because of how they talked about the human memories. I have always been very keen on psychology, and seeing how other authors work with it was very interesting. I saw psychology as something more emotional, and not so pathological.

Also a very good short story was “A lady through a looking glass” by Victoria Woolf. This author mezmerised me. She wrote things that in her times were very controversial, but now a days its common to hear. She spoke a mesaagw of femminism and of equality of men and woman, which was very interestong because she was very advanced for her era.

I hope next year will be as good as this one! And i wish it will be full of new literature to read!

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  1. It is great to read that you had a great year as regards Literature!!
    It is clear you enjoy classes and that everything we read leaves marks on you!

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