War Poetry: Everyone Sang

The poem of Siegfried Sassoon «Everyone Sang» talks about the ending of the war and how he feels about the aftermath of it.The two stanzas are very diffrent and have contrast in between them.

Firstly when i read stanza 1 i remembered a song that Paul Mccartney made that its called «Pipes Of Peace». This song talks about ending war, and finding peace. It talks abot teaching the younger generations that war isnt the answer. Although this song is from 1983 it is constantley linked to world war 1. I can link this song and the poem because they talk about freedom and about peace. In the poem the bird symbolises the countries after war singing a song about peace, and the quote, «As a prisoned bird must find in freedom» in my opinion, conveys how after the war peace can be free from its captivity in the war.

Here is Paul’s song:

Secondly, when i read the last stanza i remembered something that we learnt in my history class in senior 1. In stanza 2 the birds are portrayed by the triumphant countries. The quotation «and the song was wordlss; the singing will never be done» in my opinion can be portrayed as the treaty of versallies that happened after ww1. The winner countries wanted to promote peace, but by signing the treaty of versallies they were causing the hatred of Germany, which had lost. This treaty would create a very big rivalry that would last almost for 4 decades.  This treaty didnt bring peace to Europe, it brought a growing tension to the countries.

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