War Poetry: Dulce et Decorum est

In our second term, on our literature class, we worked with War poetry. We worked with poems like, «Dulce et Decorum est.», «Soldier, rest!», «Everyone sang» and «The Kiss». Most of this poems portray how hard was life in ww1, when soldiers fought in trenches.

Firstly, i will write about the poem «Dulce et Decorum Est». This poem was written by Wilfred Owen. This man was the most important poet of the war poetry movement.

Here i found a video of the poem being read by Christopher Eccleston, a very famous actor from the UK. I really liked this because it gives the poem a face and avoice, which makes you listen the poem in a very diffrent way.

Secondly, what i found very impresive about this poem is how Owen talks about the soldiers after war. This makes me remember what i learnt about shell shock soldiers. The quote «I saw him drowning.In all my dreams,before my helpless sight,» shows the aftermath of the war. Owen wants to portray what all soldiers live after war. They were traumatized, with physical, emotional and psychological wounds.Most of shell shocked soldiers ended up with PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder. This made them act very diffrently from the rest.

Here is a picture from a shell shock soldier:


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