Writing for effect

Today, In our language class we read some texts which transmit tension. Then, in pairs we wrote our own writing.

I did it with Margui Muller and this is our text

It was late. I was in my house,alone. It was raininga lot. Oh god, I heard a knok on the door, oh god, oh god! I was afraid,my stomach hurts. Fears apoeared in mu mind. Who was that person? I didnt know, but he was standing out there. The knock went in and on, Oh god! I ran towards the door. With fear i looked who it was. He didnt answer, he just stared at me. It was horrible! Terrible! Everything got black for me, clouded. I steped back, one, two, three steps back. Suddenly, i heard the door opening. Oh no! The man had a knife in his hand. I shouted, I shouted as loud as possible. He doweled towards me. I got paralysed. It was my end…