Nazi Germany

On History class, we are studying the topic of Nazi Germany. Firstly, we had to make presenations about a topic that our teacher lenny gave us. My group , that consists of Margarita Muller, Juana Perez Muñiz  and I, made a presentation of the Persecution of Minorities. We did a presentation using the tool powtoon including information from our history books.  Secondly, in september 20th, we recieved Mr Leguizamon, and he told us about his experience in the «Marcha por la Vida», and how where the concentration camps in all europe. Thirdly we visited the «Museo del Holocausto», where we saw a testimony of a men who was in Auschwitz and our lovely guide told us about alot of thing that where in the museum. My opinion on this project is that this was an opportunity that help us realize what we did wrong in the past and what we shouldnt do in the future, for all the people in the world to live in peace whithout prejudice abour the others.

Then we searched for two videos on the topic of our presentation.

Kristallnacht: Night Of Broken Glass

This video explains the Kristallnacht, what was the event.

And this is a quote that we found on the topic.


The day after Kristallnacht the techer said:

” Don’t worry about what you see, even if you see some natsy things which you may not understand. Hitler wants a better Germany, a clean Germany. Don’t worry, evrything will work out fine in the end.”

Nazi Treatment of Gypsies

This video is about the treatment that Gypsis had in Nazi Germany, which was bad, they made them change their lifes completley.

  • Martin Leguizamon´s Visit

On september 20th, Mr Martin Leguizamon, jero´s father, came to talk about his experience in the «Marcha por la Vida», which is the journey that all the people that were in the Concentration camps had to do when this places were evacuated because of the coming of the Allies. He told us devastating stories about what had happened in the concentration camps, and how was his experience visiting them , with his students.  He also told us what his experience was in the Ghetto of Warsaw. Martin also taught us the diffrence about Holocaust and Shoa.

  • Museo del Holocausto

On the 28th of september we went to the Museo del Holocausto. Firstly we saw a testimony of a survior of the Holocaust. This man had lost all his family exept for his brother after being in Auschwitz, and he then came to live in Argentina, we he formed a family. He told us about the awful thing that happen to him, like almost being killed because one of his work mates tried to kill a Nazi soldier.  And then we got to see the part of the museum that had all the sources from that period of time. We got to see from striped pijamas to the rests of thing of the Kristallnatch. This is a collage with picture i took from my experience.