Language Online Test

For our language class we had a test on crime reports online. This is what our teacher told us to do.

Watch the following extract. Now imagine you are a reporter. Write a crime report based on the events of the video.

This is my Writing:


Bank Of Valencias Was Robbed

Yesterday afternoon,in a cold rainy day, the central bank of Valencia; Spain, was robbed by a group of adult men. Their objective was to steal as many safety boxes as they could. Fifty eight hostages were set free and three were killed when they tried to scape.

At 5 and a half yesterday the gang led by Manuel Ramirez and Rodrigo Gimenez entered the bank as if they were normal people that wanted to get money out of their accounts. And then Juan Gomez, a 33 year old from sevilla, took a shotgun and killed the police officer that was at the door. Then they locked the people and the workers that were in the bank in the main office, were some of them were ordered to put on a vest with bombs. In those two hours that they were in the bank they killed another two people, Ana Calà, a 29 year old banker from valencia and Pablo Maria de las Rosas, a 45 year old men that was going to take money of of the bank.

After the hostage were set free, the police came in and they arrested the ten men that were in the gang.The ten men were accused of robbery and murder. They all were sentenced to fifty years in jail exept from Ramirez and Gimenez that were sentenced to life inprisonment.

Lion Heart by Amanda Chong

In our Literature class we started reading the poem «Lion Heart» by Amanda Chong. This is the activity tjat out Teacher Pato gave us.

1. Read the poem.

2. Look up words in the dictionary

3. Who is the writer?

4. Check what the merlion is. Find a photo to illustrate your post in your blog.

5. Watch the following videos and take notes to analyse the poem in detail.

6. Can you say this poem is about love? If so, love for what/whom?



2. Dappled: with spots

crests: top of a wave

bud: a flower

teased: make fun of

ivory: elefant tooth

sinews: tendon in meat

runes: characters of an ancient alphabet

heralding: anounce/message man

amid: in the middle of

shroud: a cloth or sheet in which a corpse is wrapped for burial.

beheld: see/ovserve

sheen: shine

haunches; human anatomy

squall: wind storm

crackling: chispiant

snugly: combortable

sapling: young tree

swaddled: rub up tightly

3. The writer of the poem is Amanda Chong. She is from singapore.

4. The merlion is mythical creature with a lion’s head and a body of a fish.


6. Yes, the poem is about love. Is about love towards the country Singapure.