Dialogue «The Escape»

For our language class our teacher Pilar gave us an assignment to do about  the short story «The escape». We have to make a dialogue in between two of the characters. This is my dialogue and it is in between Patsy and Chile:

Chile: Mommy when are yu leaving?

Patsy: Soon, so yu have to take care of your siblings, can yu promise me that?

Chile: Sure, me do anything for yu.

Patsy: Dont be afraid it will be only some days!

Chile:  Me know that but, me is very afraid of what daddy is going to do!

Patsy: It will be fine!

Chile: Are yu sure mommy?

Patsy:  Yes, me be sure about it.  And if daddy hurts yu, he will get a lesson!

Chile: Yes, thank yu mommy!

Patsy: There’s nothing to be thankfull for! Me would do anything for yu.

Chile: Me will miss yu a lot mommy! Who is going to cook us dinner?

Patsy: Me is sure that your sister is going to!

Chile: when is miss ruby going to pick yu up?

Patsy: dont tell your siblings but she will pick me up tomorrow morning.

Chile: What? That’s too soon.

Patsy: yes me know that, but me have to do it for grany.

Chile: What is you plan?

Patsy: Yu know miss ruby came here early today?

Chile: yes..

Patsy: well she changed the hour on de clock so daddy doesnt wake up and me could leave early in the morning.

Chile: Me will miss yu! Me loves yu!

Patsy: Me will miss yu too! Me loves yu a lot!

This is my Voicethread:

El campo semántico en el relato mitológico

Hoy con nuestra profesora de lengua tuvimos que buscar palabras relacionadas con el campo semántico en el relato mitológico.

Troya: ciudad de asia menor que fue mencionada en las historias La Ilíada y La Odisea.

Heroe: Persona ilustre y famosa por sus hazañas o virtudes. Persona que lleva a cabo una acción heroica.
Inmortal: Lo que no es mortal, que no puede morir.
Dioses: Ser omnipotente, eterno y sobrenatural que las religiones monoteístas creen
Sobrenatural: algo que no se puede explicar por las leyes de la naturaleza, algo no natural
Leyenda: Narración de sucesos fantásticos que se transmite por tradición.
Guerras: Lucha armada entre dos o más naciones o entre bandos de una misma nación.
Grecia: país de europa
Muerte: dejar esta vida, dejar de respirar
Olimpo: Morada de los dioses del paganismo. Conjunto de los dioses mitológicos que residían en el monte Olimpo

Wanted Poster(in prosses)

Last Wednesday, my writing skills teacher Dani Barra gave us an assignment, in which we had to get in pairs and make a wanted poster for our partner. I did it with Lola Villegas Argento. In the poster we had to include: a picture of someone we felt identified with, our name, a short description of us, why were we wanted, where we were last seen, what closed we were wearing, a contact and a reward.
This is the poster that lola made for me:


Name Chain

Today, March the 2nd , in the first class of Oral and Writing skills class with our teacher Daniela Barra we played a game to know eachother better. The game consisted of writing our saying our names and telling the class something about yourself, but it had to be related to the one thing that said your classmate before you. My opinion in this activity was that it was very fun and helpfull to know our new classmates better. The objective was to know a us a little bit better and it was succsesful. What i told my class mates after Martina Villafane Ibarbia told she liked coldplay, was that i liked music a lot. And I learnt that Sybilla Correa Perkins likes swimming and that Maria Roggero likes sleeping.