Postcolonial Literature

Pato gave us 2 text that we have to read and make a summary of them.

What is postcolonial Literature?

Postcolonial literature are novels, poetry, and drama which were written during and after colonization.
Reclaiming spaces and places:
To be colonized means that your colonizers would change you the way you lifestyle, your culture, traditions and your language.
It is descried with narration, and dramatization.
Asserting cultural integrity
When the indigenous didn’t follow the rules of the colonizers, they were left out, suppressed and openly disparaged in favor of raising preferences and social and cultural conventions of the colonizers.
Postcolonial literature seeks to assert the richness and validity of indigenous cultures.
Revising history
The colonizers tell what happened from the perspective of those
colonized and that was preoccupation of postcolonial writing
They try to justified their actions.
Resistant descriptions:
They described with a lot of detail indigenous people, places, and practices to counteract or “resist” the stereotypes, inaccuracies, and generalizations.
Appropriation of the colonizers’ language
Postcolonial writers chose to write in colonizers language
They invent new words to demostrate that they can handle the language, that was force on them
Reworking colonial art-forms
They remodel imported colonial art-forms to incorporate the style, structure, and themes.
Post Colonialism:

The postconialism is a style of writing in the post-modern that deals with the political and cultural independence of people.
This type literature that has been showed to other societys changed the way of think in many things like the social, political, economic, and cultural.
Once the leader left the countrie, this indipendent countries had to lead with a lot of issues.
Then they had to restablish they identity so this post colonial writers try to do that to re establish all the thing, their language, their history and also they literature.
Interacting with the traditional colonial discourse Critical look at imperialism and its legacy Reclaiming the past, searching for cultural and personal identity Self-reflection Style often ironic Approach eclectic, political and egalitarian.

TP: La Ilíada canto XII.

1- Buscar y copiar la cita del águila y la serpiente del canto XII

2- Ilustrala

3- Linkear con su definición de cada una de las palabras desconosidas

4- Explicar que significa este augurio.

5- Voki

1- Pero se detuvieron indecisos en la orilla del foso, cuando ya se disponían a atravesarlo, porque había aparecido un ave agorera: un águila que volaba alto, llevando en las garras una enorme serpiente sangrante, pero viva. Esta se estremecía aún y no se había olvidado de la lucha, pues, encorvándose hacia atrás, hirió al águila en el pecho, cerca del cuello. El águila herida dejo caer a la serpiente en medio de la muchedumbre y, chillando, voló con la rapidez del viento.

2- image

3-  Agorera:

4- Para los troyanos, el augurio en esta cita significa que ellos son el águila que será destrozada por la serpiente, que es representada por los aqueos. Ellos son el águila ya que están ganado la guerra, pero este suceso declara que en el futuro empezaran a perder y los aqueos a ganar. Para ellos es un mensaje de los dioses, declarando el destino. El destino es muy importante para ellos y no se lo cuestiona.

Lo hice con vicky

The Development Of WW1

This is a video about how the first world war was develop and the series of events that hapened on it.

These are the Timlines from 1914 to 1918 that my clasmates showed us:






This is avideo that fefi showed us that talks about all the main events on every year of the war:

This is a video about the christmas truce in the first year of war:

This song is call «The Pipes of Peace» by Paul Mcartney and  talks about the christmas truce in ww1.


This is the prezi that maria jero and i did:

This are the presentations about the misconseptions that my classmates did:

1 and 2

5 and 6

7, 8 and 9

3,4,10 and 11


Essay The Clod and The Pebble, Love III

This is my essay about the clod and the pebble and love III

Essay Question: Both poems «The Clod and The Pebble» and «Love III» tackle the theme of love. Do you agree?

This two poems «The Clod and The Pebble» and «love III» handel love. But using two different points of view.

«The Clod and The Pebble» deals with love showing two diffrent points of view. For example when the clod says «And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair» and when the pebble says «And builds a Hell in Heaven’s despite». This shows that the clod thinks that love is joyful and that the pebble thinks that love is depresing ,horrible , bad and makes you suffer.

On the other hand «Love III» handels secuar love. This means that it deals with religous theme. When in the poem they say «Love» they are reafering to God. So when the phrase «You must sat down, says love , and taste my meat. So i sat down and eat.» the poems say that you must accept «Love’s»(God) love.

In conclucion these two  poems takle two different points of view of love.





Questions for Booktubers

For our speaking skills class we had to make two question to booktubers to see how they edit their videos.

This is my first question for this video from abookutopia:

Hi Sasha! im doing this booktuber thing for school and i wanted to ask you how do you edit your videos? or in which program do you edit them!

And this is my question for the video from The BookTuber:

Hi! how do you edit your videos? how do you put the audio and the video at the same time in voiceovers?