Word Definition

Last class with our teacher Laura we saw words definitions.


Ambitious: Sometimes im very ambitious

Disciplinated: Soldiers are very disiplinated.

Patriotic: The  president is very patriotic.

Dirty:  You have a very dirty.

Conventional: Your family is very conventional

Submissive: Slaves are submissive

Assertive:  He’s too assertive as a salesman.

Passionate: He is very passionate playing the piano

Reserved: That girl is very reserved about her feelings.

Outgoing: Shes very funny and out going.

Optimistic: Your such an optimistic person.

Moody: Stop being so moody.

Aggressive: He is too aggressive for being 12.

Unreliable: I don’t trust him. He is unreliable.

Obstinate:  She is such an obstinate girl.She always hands in her homework in time.

Boastful: He is too boastful for being my friend.

Corrupt: This goverment is too corrupt.

Loud: Stop being so loud!

Introvert: She’s very shy and introverted.

Domineering: He’s very bossy and domineering.

Self-assured: Someone very smart thinks his self-assured.

Endearing: She is very endearing with her dog.

Generous: She was very generouse in helping me in my biology essay.

Dishonest: He was dishonest with the principal.





Presente y pasado ¿Que es la historia?

Hoy en Historia con Maria Marta hicimos estos ejercicios.

B.“La memoria a que afecta la historia, que a su vez alimenta, apunta a salvar el pasado, sólo para servir al presente y al futuro.”
-J. Le Goff “El orden de la memoria”

“La historia es la re-creación intelectual del pasado humano mediante la búsqueda de los hechos, realizada sobre la base de testimonios y la exposición lógica de sus resultados”
-Casani y Pérez Amuchastegui

C.Mi propia definición de historia es:La historia es el vínculo que tenemos con el pasado.Sus poblaciones,sus territorios,sus costumbres,su manera de pensar,sus construcciones,sus forma de govierno,sus reyes o presidentes,y muchas cosas mas.


Today whith our literature teacher pato we read a poem called «Mirror» and she told us to make this questions for homework.


1.A)Symbol of water: Water popularly represents life. It can be associated with birth, fertility, and refreshment.

B) Symbol of Light: It is illumination and intelligence. Light is the source of goodness and the ultimate reality, and it accompanies transcendence into the Nirvana of Buddhist doctrine. It is the SUN, and it is the avenger of evil forces and DARKNESS. Light is knowledge. Purity and morality are connected terms as well. The masculine principle of evolution is symbolized through light. Cosmic energy, creative force and optimism are all related to light.

C) Symbol of Darkness: Darkness can encompass a primitive chaos yet it is largely associated with death and destruction.Darkness can also be linked to the time spent in the womb and seed germination, both of wich take place in the dark.In the Book of Revelation, darkness indicates that the end of the world is forthcoming. Can be an emblem of bad judgment, misfortune and ignorance. The Prince of Darkness is the devil.

D) Symbol of Reflection: Reflection symbolies truth because you can see what really is in the reflection

2. Whats the theme?
The theme of the poem is of a woman getting older.

3. Whats the tone?
The tone is jelous.

4. Find 3 literary terms and explain them.
Personification: In this poem we find personification because mirrors cant talk.

Imagery: In this poem we find a visual imagery that says «im silver and exact» and its a visual imagery
because it describes how it is.

Point Of View: In this poem we find a point of view because the mirror is speaking in first person.

Today we made a story of our inactive objects having a point of view. This is the story i made whith Maria.

Trash can
I am black and square. My owners only use me to throw things that they dont want anymore. I am always covered in dust. A horrible smell. My owners dont love me they just try to get away from me. I just want some love, I also have feelings. Everyday i’m getting weaker and sicker. If you keep throwing things at me someday I will die.

Mi cuento/cancion preferida

Hoy en la hora de lengua, Carol, nuestra profesora, nos pidió que escribamos nuestra canción o cuento preferida.

Manuelita vivía en Pehuajó pero un día se marchó. Nadie supo bien por qué a París ella se fue un poquito caminando y otro poquitito a pie. Manuelita, Manuelita, Manuelita dónde vas con tu traje de malaquita y tu paso tan audaz. Manuelita una vez se enamoró de un tortugo que pasó. Dijo: ¿Qué podré yo hacer? Vieja no me va a querer, en Europa y con paciencia me podrán embellecer. Manuelita, Manuelita, Manuelita dónde vas con tu traje de malaquita y tu paso tan audaz. En la tintorería de París la pintaron con barniz. La plancharon en francés del derecho y del revés. Le pusieron peluquita y botines en los pies. Manuelita, Manuelita, Manuelita dónde vas con tu traje de malaquita y tu paso tan audaz. Tantos años tardó en cruzar el mar que allí se volvió a arrugar y por eso regresó vieja como se marchó a buscar a su tortugo que la espera en Pehuajó. Manuelita, Manuelita, Manuelita dónde vas con tu traje de malaquita y tu paso tan audaz.

Esta canción me la cantaba mi mama cuando era chiquita y yo no me cansaba de escuchar esta canción.Esta canción me encantaba porque mi prima se llama manuela entonces yo amaba que me la canten por que me sentía cerca de ella.